Unlimited Freedom FESTIVAL 無限自由音樂節 創辦於2007年夏末秋至, 為台中第一個最具有規模的獨立音樂節。 音樂節口號為「Rock In Taichung 搖滾台中!」 『Unlimited Freedom FESTIVAL 搖滾台中-無限自由音樂節』為台中獨立廠牌 Roc steady co搖滾開跑音樂社(迴響音樂藝文展演空間前身)於2007年所創辦。 「搖滾台中-無限自由音樂節」的誕生, 不僅為台中投下了震撼彈,也開啟了整個台中音樂文化的新時代。 2008年,「搖滾台中-無限自由音樂節」 參加人數到達上萬人,也為台中的獨立音樂奠下了基礎。 「搖滾台中-無限自由音樂節」從2009年停辦, 活動團隊轉型成展演空間(Sound Live House), 經歷8年的時間,默默為台中音樂耕耘,重新定位新的方向。 『2015年無限自由音樂節』在大家多年的期盼之下回來了。 正式更名為『無限自由音樂藝術節』。 這次我們逃離城市,回到大自然,認真的做自己。 讓音樂節不再只有搖滾樂及舞台演出這麼簡單。 努力的將各種風格的音樂及藝術呈現給大家, 是『無限自由音樂藝術節』最大的使命。 這次將結合更多不同元素的藝術創作,使整個活動更多樣性,更符合『無限自由』的概念。 2016年,無限自由音樂藝術節移師到台灣最中心-南投縣埔里鎮。 也是台灣地理位置海拔最高的搖滾音樂節。 我們也企圖讓台灣文化以及嬉皮文化於『無限自由音樂藝術節』中做結合, 希望創造一個前所未有的場景。 無限自由音樂藝術節自創辦以來, 有來自台灣/日本/美國/韓國/香港/中國/波蘭/瑞士/新加坡/泰國/馬來西亞/印尼/墨西哥…等多個國家的獨立樂團/音樂家/藝術家 共襄盛舉參與過。 朋友們,和我們一起創造新的歷史吧! Unlimited Freedom FESTIVAL Was founded in the fall of 2007, It’s became the first and largest music festival Day of Taichung. This festival slogan is "Rock In Taichung!" "Rock in Taichung - Unlimited Freedom FESTIVAL" was establish since 2007 by the "Roc steady co" (The predecessor of Sound Live House) With "Rock in Taichung - Unlimited Freedom Festival was born, the culture of Taichung has started a brand new generation . In 2008, "Rock in Taichung - Unlimited Freedom Festival" The number of participants has to reach 10 thousands of people. "Rock in Taichung - Unlimited Freedom Festival" was called off in 2009, The workgroup of festival are turning to Sound live house, Through these eight years, they reposition a new direction for Taichung. "Unlimited Freedom Festival " is coming back at 2015. This time we’ll run away from bright city to the nature. and move to Taiwan's most central mountain,Nantou ,Puli. It won’t be that simple for only rock music to Unlimited Freedom Festival for this time. Try to give various styles of music and arts to you, It’s the first mission of "unlimited freedom Festival". Unlimited Freedom Festival will combine the different elements and more artistic, and make it could be more diversify We are also attempting to integrate Taiwan's culture and hippie culture in the "Unlimited Freedom Festival" We hope to create a scene that you can never image before. **About Unlimited Freedom Festival Wanna enjoy the carnival of music and arts? Welcome to Unlimited Freedom Festival 2017! The highest and most central music and arts fes in Taiwan. Unlimited Freedom Festival is the most well established music festival in Taichung since 2007, and was brought to the nature from 2015. Through changes over the years, today, Unlimited Freedom Festival brings the most talented musicians and artist to you! You don’t want to miss waking up with a sea of clouds and the privilege listening to great bands in the mountains and with stars above the head at night.  5 stages, featuring 5 different styles  About 100 indie bands from the world  Fire-stage for fire dance show  Mountain camping  Art markets and mobile dining cars Peace&Love&Music&Beer 5 Stage 100 Band// musicians / artists / Indie music、Punk、Alternative Rock、Post Rock、Heavy metal、Hip Hop、Reggae、 Funk、Folk、Dance 、ACG Music、Fire dance、and more There will be lot indie/ musicians / artists /band From Taiwan / Japan / United States / UK/Korea / Hong Kong / China / Poland / Switzerland / Singapore / Thailand / Malaysia / Indonesia / Mexico and other countries ... together to join this festivities. Dear Friends, create new story with us. If you love music, art, fire dance, mountains, nature, camping,stars, freedom… you wouldn’t want to miss this! To get away from the chaos of the city, To free our soul in this beautiful season, Let’s enjoy the magnificent view of the great Central Mountain Range!







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